Rohk Stonebrew

Dwarf Sorcerer


4’7", 182 lbs. Looks like a typically dwarf with long, dark brown hair and beard.


Rohk’s father was murdered by drow before he was born, his mother captured. The drow did horrible, unspeakable things to her. They tortured her with their twisted, dark magic, before she was eventually rescued. As best as he can tell, that’s where Rohk’s “powers” can trace back to.

Rohk discovered he had “powers” when he was a teenager. Since that time he has spend his life trying to hide from them. Dwarves don’t generally take kindly to weird magic that they don’t understand.

Eventually his mother remarried, as all good dwarven women do. Dwarven women are at a premium, why waste a woman’s good breeding years? Rohk never really felt completely welcomed in the new family, other then his older brother Owin. He tried to find his place in the dwarven clans. First he trained with the smith’s, but eventually took up training in the merchant clan like his older brother. There he learned to brew the beers and ales that dwarves love so much. He enjoyed it, but still didn’t feel like he fit in.

When Rohk turned 50, an adult now, he went with a merchant caravan to a new dwarf city to make himself a new start, somewhere no one knew about his strangeness.
That’s where he met Dorna. They became fast friends. Rohk never thought of her romantically though, he was far too young to get married. The dwarven elders would never approve it. He did feel sadness though when Dorna’s parents arranged for her to be married, an arrangement that Dorna did not like.

“I am not marrying an old crusty man just to give him babies!” Dorna screamed at her parents.

A dwarf does not disobey their parents. Not without consequences. Dorna was given a choice: Marry the man they arranged for her, or be stripped of her clan name, no longer of her family.

A clanless dwarf is a disgrace in dwarven society. Dorna felt hopeless…what could she do?

“Lets leave,” Rohk told her. “Screw them. I’ll back you in whatever you do, but if you want to leave, I’m coming with you.”

“You would do that for me?”

“Of course,” Rohk said. “I’d do anything for you. Besides, what’s here for me?”
Dorna leaned in and kissed him.

Three days later their stuff was packed and they were on the road, off to a new life together.

Rohk Stonebrew

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